Care Givers


Caregiver course is designed to equip youths with the requisite skills and knowledge in taking care of the basic non-medical needs of children and adults within institutional and homecare settings by activities such as basic first aid with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, managing nutritional, physical and emotional needs of children, care of the elderly through bathing, footcare, nail care, hair care, nutritional supportas well as emotional support and in addition, caring for the disabled.

Course Outline for Care Giver

Course Curriculum:
The Caregivers Course Curriculum covers:
1. Basic First Aid
2. Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation
3. Care of Children and vulnerables
4. Physical and Psychological growth of a child
5. Care of the Elderly
6. Care of the Disabled
7. Support to the patient
8. Effective Communication
9. Transportation
10. Carrying out last death office

Training Outcome:

By the end of the program, the Caregivers would have achieved the following competencies:>
1. Ability to perform basic first aid roles within homecare and outdoor settings
2. Ability to perform effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation
3. Ability to take vital signs
4. Ability to manage a child’s nutritional need
5. Knowledge of developmental stones of a child
6. Ability to manage a child’s physical and psychological needs
7. Ability to create activity routines for a child
8. Ability to assist the elderly with daily routines and activities
9. Ability to manage nutritional needs of the elderly
10. Ability to prevent bed sores for bedridden patients
11. Ability to care for the physical, social and psychological needs of the disabled
12. Ability to carry out last office

Course Duration:

Caregivers – 6 weeks