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GX Connect is the only source for training, assessing, and acquiring skilled vocational talent across the globe. Our international gateway provides you with exclusive access to a new generation of ready-to-work trade experts that come with modern job-specific certificates, transparent assessment results, and life skills. From day one you can be confident that your on-the-ground team will add value and enable growth.

What does the G in GX Connect stand for? Growth!

Because we know people, business, and economic growth is what matters!

GX Connect is a solution brought to you by Growth X; the most advanced and diverse professional training and development provider operating in 10 different countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

Each solution has been created to empower your staff with the skills necessary to execute their role with confidence, efficiency and expertise. We do this by blending the latest technologies and proven world-class learning methods and world-class curriculum. Growth X aims to be the only partner you need for your employee development and assessment.


Growth X is a subsidiary of Arc Skills, the global industry innovator for skill development. We take the responsibility of maintaining a prominent position at the centre of industry demand, technology advancements, human understanding, and global change – so we can create solutions that turn talk into action.

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